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Fly With Style

Hayward Flight is proud to operate both single engine and multi-engine airplanes. Whether you love the high wing Cessna 172, prefer the low wings on a Piper Arrow, or need a little more oomph  courtesy of a multi engine airplane, we have an airplane available for any occasion.

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Cessna 150

As a single engine aircraft, unlike it bigger cousin the Cessna 172, this plane is nimble, responsive, and slightly more challenging, making it a good all around entry airplane.


This plane is perfect if you want to go with a multi-engine configured aircraft. Just because there is one more engine, its still easy to use while having a little kick in speed. 

Cessna 172M

Arguably the best airplane for flight training, this American four-seat, single-engine is loved among pilots for its engineered design catered for ease of use.

Piper PA-28R Arrow

 If you prefer a low wing configuration, the piper is the plane for you. This single engine aircraft is good in its turning views, cruise performance, and landing capabilities.

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