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Introductory Flights

Starting A Career In Aviation

Demo and Discovery Flights are an excellent first step in becoming a pilot. Getting to experience flight from the cockpit for the first time behind controls, allows aspiring pilots to determine if aviation is the right path for them. 

Details below

Demo Flight

Time Block: 2 Hours

A ground lesson and flight portion which allows you to experience what being in an airplane is like. Get a taste of flying with one of our Flight Instructors.


30 Minute Ground Lesson

30 Minute Flight

30 Minute Consultation


Discovery Flight

Time Block: 3 Hours 

An in-depth flight lesson which allows you to experience what being a pilot is like. Receiving a lesson on basics of flying, you learn more about the nature of flight itself to determine if being a pilot is the career or hobby for you!


1 Hour Ground Instruction Lesson

30 Minute Simulator

30 Minute Flight

30 Minute Consultation


Passenger Add-On 

Are you interested in participating on a demo or discovery flight with one or two more people to accompany you? With the passenger add-on you are able to have others experience the demo or discovery flight with you as well.

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